Parvin Farzaneh

Parvin Farzaneh began her artistic career over fifty years ago as a painter. In 1986, she felt a deep desire to express herself through sculpture. Since then, she have never ceased to explore different techniques and materials in this medium. 

As in her paintings, Parvin draws inspiration for her sculptures mainly from the natural environment that surrounds us. It is not so much an imitation of nature as a personal interpretation that combines the physical and the spiritual worlds. She is particularly drawn to feminine forms as an expression of movement in time and harmony with nature.

Parvin Farzaneh was born in Iran. She has lived and practiced her art in Iran, Switzerland, the USA and Canada. She is currently based in Montreal. She studied art at the University of Teheran, École des Beaux Arts de Lausanne, San Jose University (California), École de Louvre (Paris) and the Saidie Bronfman Centre (Montreal) among others.

All images © Parvin Farzaneh 2019

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